Angelo Parodi Solid Yellowfin Gourmet Canned Tuna in Pure Olive Oil | Imported From Italy | Wild Caught | All Natural | Premium Fish in 5.29 oz can (150 Gram) (10 Pack)


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  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS – yellowfin tuna, olive oil and salt. Rich and flavorful, with great texture and taste as the natural flavor of tuna is perfectly retained.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY SINCE 1888 – Delicious wild caught yellowfin tuna tinned in pure olive oil. Italian excellence guaranteed by a strict quality control, the selection of the finest fish, a wise cutting and cleaning technique. Seasoned to perfection to reach the most intense and unmistakable flavor. Rich and meaty, moist from the olive oil, Angelo Parodi tuna is beyond compare. Crazy good, you will be thrilled!
  • GREAT NUTRITIONAL VALUE: a rich source of high value proteins and vitamins. A food high in omega-3 and low in fat. Combines great benefits of both tuna and olive oil. Gluten-free. Non-GMO.
  • READY TO EAT: the easy-to-open tin makes it ideal for eating on the go straight from the can (Yes! It is THAT good!). Enjoy it in your salad, assemble the best tuna sandwich or use it in your favorite recipes; it goes with every meal or snack of the day.
  • A SPECIAL GIFT FOR FOODLOVERS: a true gourmet food, generous in size, in a beautiful packaging, that stands out, makes it a perfect gift for all food enthusiasts. Combine it with other delicious Angelo Parodi products to taste all the Italian specialties.