ARTSABERS RBG 11 Colors 9 Sounds Metal Hilt Force FX Dueling Light Saber


Sold and supplied by amazon

  • Prepare for Real Lightsaber Duels – This FX lightsaber features an aluminum hilt, rugged lightsaber blade, 11 selectable colors, and 9 active sounds to take your dueling to the next level so you can feel like a real Jedi or Sith Lord.
  • Dueling Lightsaber RGB Colors – From Mace Windu to Master Yoda to Luke Skywalker we have blade colors that match your path to the light side or the dark side. Choose a new one with skill as a dueling combatant or as your training grows.
  • Flashing Lights and Interactive Sounds – The high-density blade not only lets you strike an opponent cleanly it will clash upon hits and features other iconic sounds as you slice through the air, deflect blaster shots, and more.
  • Well-Balanced Grip with Rugged Blade – We know you’re going to want to duel which means swings start to get serious. That’s why we crafted each FX lightsaber with a stronger blade, non-slip hilt, and RGB colors that express your allegiance.
  • Customize Your Saber Design – A single hilt gives you a more traditional lightsaber while attaching two hilts with a coupler mimics the double-bladed lightsaber you find with Darth Maul. Find your perfect saber by building something new.
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