Blue Collar, Blue Scrubs


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It looked for a while as if Michael Collins would spend his life breaking concrete and throwing rocks for the Vittorio Scalese Construction Company. He liked the work and he liked the pay. But a chance remark by one of his coworkers made him realize that he wanted to involve himself in something bigger, something more meaningful than crushing rocks and drinking beer.

In his acclaimed first memoir, Hot Lights, Cold Steel, Collins wrote passionately about his four-year surgical residency at the prestigious Mayo Clinic. Blue Collar, Blue Scrubs turns back the clock, taking readers from his days as a construction worker to his entry into medical school, expertly infusing his journey to become a doctor with humanity, compassion, and humor. From the first time he delivers a baby to being surrounded by death and pain on a daily basis, Collins compellingly writes about how medicine makes him confront, in a very deep and personal way, the nature of God and suffering―and how delicate life can be.

Blue Collar Blue Scrubs

It searched for some time as though Mike Collins would go through his time on earth breaking concrete and tossing rocks for the Vittorio Scalese Construction Company. He loved the work and he preferred the compensation. In any case, an opportunity comment by one of his associates caused him to understand that he needed to include himself in something greater, something more significant than pounding rocks and drinking brew. Authentic, Blue Collar Blue Scrubs accepts perusers from Mike’s days as a development laborer to his entrance into clinical school, expertly imbuing his excursion to turn into a specialist with mankind, empathy, and humor. From whenever he first conveys a child to being encircled by death and agony consistently, Collins compellingly expounds on how medication makes him face, in an extremely profound and individual way, the idea of God and enduring and how sensitive life can be.

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