Chicken Salt – Vegan, Non-GMO, NO MSG, Gluten Free, Australia’s #1 All-Purpose Seasoning (Reduced Sodium, Red Pepper)


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  • All Purpose Vegan Seasoning – tastes like chicken
  • Vegan Chicken Salt Reduced Sodium Flavor and Vegan Chicken Salt Red Pepper Flavor
  • Vegan Parve Seasoned Sea Salt
  • US Made, Gluten & MSG free, Non-GMO certified, No Soy, no Additives, Paleo friendly
  • Healthier alternative to table salt and chicken bouillon

Chicken Salt All Purpose

Vegan Chicken Salt Reduced Sodium is the ‘lesser sodium’ alternative in the Vegan Chicken Salt seasoning collection; it is an All-Purpose Vegan Parve Seasoning made with unrefined sea salt, turmeric, onion powder, garlic powder, herbs, and spices. Vegan Chicken Salt Reduced Sodium was inspired by our most popular Vegan Chicken Salt Original seasoning! Enjoy our Reduced Sodium alternative on popular dishes such as roasted Greek potatoes, avocado salads, and veggie burgers to name a few.

Vegan Chicken Salt Seasoning Collection

Vegan Chicken Salt is a 100% Authentic Vegan Parve Seasoning with a unique chicken flavor made with unrefined Sea Salt, Turmeric, Onion Powder and Garlic Powder – No Chicken Products & No Manufactured Food Additives – Gluten & MSG Free – Paleo and Vegan Diet compatible– Use as Table Salt or Chicken Bouillon. Spice up all your meals with just one seasoning! Here is why Vegan Chicken Salt is a different kind of seasoning:

  • Vegan Certified: Despite the name “Chicken Salt”, it contains no chicken ingredients but rather tastes like chicken, making it absolutely safe for Vegans.
  • Non-GMO Certified – non-GMO ingredients in all our seasonings
  • No Manufactured Food additives: – Chicken Salt is made of turmeric, onion powder, garlic powder, and unrefined Sea salt. NO anti-caking agents, NO MSG, NO sugar, NO soy, and NO chemicals.
  • Gluten-Free: People who are Gluten sensitive can fully enjoy our seasoning.
  • Paleo Diet Compatible – The ingredients in Chicken Salt make it suitable for this modern nutritional diet.
  • No Need for Table Salt: – For starters, it is an alternative to Table salt. Our seasoning uses unrefined Ocean Sea Salt with a refreshingly different flavor.
  • No Need for Chicken Bouillon: Chicken Salt does not contain the same ingredients, meat extracts, MSG, and chemicals present in chicken bouillon.
  • Multiple Usages: – Chicken Salt can accompany just about any kind of meal including stews, beef, chicken, vegetables, eggs, popcorn, and French Fries. On a special diet? Great! Chicken Salt is right for you; use it for Paleo and Vegan diets!

Vegan Chicken Salt is safe to use before, during, and after cooking. Use it in any way you like and enjoy its rich flavor! Don’t be a Chicken, try me!

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Flavor: Reduced Sodium, Red Pepper

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