Dancing To The Darkest Light: A Remarkable True Story of Life, Its Extreme Challenges and Triumph Over the Ultimate Heartbreak


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He who has a ‘why’ to live for can bear almost any ‘how.'” But how to go on when all that you live for and love is taken, in blow after agonizing blow? ‘Dancing To The Darkest Light’ tackles the big questions in a tale of finding grace in a brutally unkind world. It is the heartwarming saga of a loving family’s struggle starting in 1950’s Iran.

You will never look at life in the same way once you read this book.

Soheila’s peaceful life is shattered by the revolution and dangerous circumstances in 1978, while a student at Pahlavi University. The family is forced to flee the country and leave everything behind.

Soheila gets married, settles in New York. Raises four sons and manages her life and deals with the everyday ups and downs. Her three sisters also establish careers and families of their own, while the apple of the family’s eye, her brother, Fariborz, becomes a sought-after neurosurgeon. They are the absolute embodiment of the American dream, until tragedy strikes. Soheila is faced by the most heart-wrenching tragedy any parent can face. She thinks she has seen the worst until her brother and sister’s battles with life start. She vows to save her brother even if that means facing death herself. She agrees to do the impossible and the ‘hero’s journey’ starts.

Dancing To The Darkest Lightis a memoir of survival, how one sister, daughter and mother finds reason to go on after the most crushing loses imaginable and still sees beauty in life. It is a heartwarming family saga and an unforgettable account of faith and not just love, but unconditional love. This book is an inspiring, motivating, positive, wise and life-changing story.