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Dr. Clark’s Healthy Recipes

There are many websites available that portray themselves to represent Dr. Clark’s Healthy Recipes Beware that most of those websites are operated with one goal in mind: To sell products! And quite often those products are not made per her protocol. Of course, those companies have nothing to do with Dr. Clark’s Healthy Recipes family or her estate.

There is however one website that we at New Century Press, LLC, like the most and that is www.DrClarkLegacy.org – this website gives you a good overview without linking to companies trying to sell you products.

Beware that some of Dr. Clark’s books are being offered for “free” as a download or in paperback form. Anyone is welcome to make a copy of part of the book to give to friends but not for commercial purposes and it is not permitted to copy the majority of the book.

The companies behind this use her work as a marketing tool to sell products without any consideration of how it affects Dr. Clark’s royalties and the operation of New Century Press, LLC, which ultimately has to be in good financial health to be able to make all of her work available to the public.

Dr. Clark obtained her master’s degree in 1949 from the University of Saskatchewan with high honors in sciences. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in 1958 in biophysics and physiology. Her publications dissertation addressed the electrolyte balance of living cells.

After completing her doctoral studies she did research in bacteriology. After a several-year break for child-rearing, she began researching the electrophysiology of muscle and nerve cells at Indiana University in 1966 where she remained for 10 years. her discovery that x-rays cause mutations were published in Nature.

While still in Indiana, she began private nutritional consulting. From physician ordered blood tests she noticed that all cancer patients had certain similarities, including a particular parasite. She began testing all patients for the presence of certain parasites and toxic elements and confirmed her earlier observation. At first, she used a Dermatron for the testing – a device widely used in Germany, but not approved in the U.S. She modified the Dermatron to give off-on results. She also modified the Dermatron’s circuitry, simplifying it substantially, and called the new device the “Syncrometer®”

The Syncrometer® is based on an electronic circuit. A circuit resonates at a particular frequency but will stop resonating if added components have different resonant frequencies. Everything has a “bandwidth” which is the range from its low to high resonant frequency. The Syncrometer® can be used to determine bandwidth by placing the test item on the Syncrometer®’s capacitor plate while a person grasps “handholds” (thereby completing the circuit through the person) and using a frequency generator. This technology is in its infancy. The Syncrometer® produces a tone through a speaker that varies depending on the resonant frequency of each item in the circuit. She used the Syncrometer® to detect the presence of chemicals and other elements in products by comparing the tone produced by a sample of a chemical or other element placed on the capacitor plate to the tone produced by the product being tested. If the two tones resonate, that means the product has the chemical or element in it because the chemical or element in the product and the sample on the capacitor plate have the same resonant frequency. The Syncrometer® can detect chemicals or other elements to a sensitivity of one part per quadrillion, or 10 to the minus 17, which she determined with a “dilution series.” This is far more sensitive than scientifically accepted tests used by chemists to detect chemicals because the Syncrometer® conducts electronic tests, rather than by chemical analysis.

She published:

The Cure For All Cancers – 1993

The Cure For HIV and AIDS – 1993

The Cure For All Diseases – 1995

The Cure For All Advanced Cancers – 1999

The Syncrometer® Science Laboratory Manual – 2000

The Prevention Of All Cancers – 2004

The Cure And Prevention Of All Cancers – 2007

Healthy Recipes – 2010

The Syncrometer® Science Laboratory Manual 2 – 2010

Inside the covers of her books state: “The opinions…expressed in this book are mine, and unless expressed otherwise, mine alone.” The same page continues: Pollutants were identified using a testing device known as the Syncrometer®. The Cure For All Diseases states that the Syncrometer® is “newly invented” and invites readers to conduct tests for themselves. It states that recommendations to avoid certain products are intended to warn the public, and are “not to provide a statistically significant analysis.”

She has published her lifetime of research in a series of books for you. As she would always say, “Here’s to your Good Health”.


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