Cajun Kooling Evaporative Air Cooler (CK4700)


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  • The Cajun Kooling CK4700 portable evaporative air cooler is a CENTRIFUGAL shaped fan and is designed to cool off outdoor living and work areas such as mechanic shops, contractors, restaurant patios, tailgating events, outdoor weddings, warehouses, factories, and many more. These coolers run on a standard 110-Volt outlet and water. The specially designed cooling pads all around the cooler help naturally cool the air down 10-25 degrees, even in very humid climates like the South.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Cools air using only water, no compressor or chemicals
  • Sleek design looks good in area, with durable housing for every day wear and tear
  • Squirrel cage fan blades pushes air harder and further, reaching up to 52 feet away. This product can be used in all outdoor areas. It can also be used indoors in dry-climate areas. For humid climates, it can be used in some indoor areas with proper ventilation.