From Under the Hood: Therapy Twins’ Guide to a Smoother Ride: Narrated by Change, Navigated by Jane and Joan


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Intent on breaking the stigma of mental illness, Therapy Twins offer a look under their hood and into their lives. In From Under the Hood: Therapy Twins’ Guide to a Smoother Ride, they reveal their own diagnoses with comedic twists while sharing traditional and nontraditional “tune-ups” to guide you through a journey of healing.

A survival guide in a Cliff Notes kind of way, Therapy Twins address a host of issues related to your well-being. Learn how to:

– rewire some of your worst experiences;
– get over that dude or chick who did you wrong;
– get along with family;
– receive a tune-up and restart your body, mind, and spirit;
– let go of bitterness and resentment and learn that forgiveness is the new “F” word;

Using Therapy Twins’ personal experiences, education, and work as a backdrop, From Under the Hood: Therapy Twins Guide to a Smoother Ride presents both a memoir of two intertwined, difficult childhoods and a guide to overcoming psychological difficulties from depression, anxiety and PTSD.