Fusion Flavors Dip Seasoning Mixes (Cucumber Dill 3 Pack)


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  • 3 Pack of our fantastic Cucumber Dill Dip Seasoning
  • Comes as Dehydrated Spices with Instructions for a Tomato Dill Flounder or mix with sour cream & mayonnaise/ Greek yogurt for a vegetable dip/chip dip
  • Makes 2 cups of DILL-icious Vegetable Dip or mix with greek yogurt for a tzatziki sauce.
  • All natural, gluten free, high quality ingredients
  • Made by a Family Owned, Family Operated Company in the USA

Fusion Flavors Cucumber Dill

Fusion Flavors Cucumber Dill Tzatziki | Creamy yogurt twirled along with crunchy cucumber, new dill, lemon, and garlic make up this exemplary Greek plunge. Formula by Julie Prizina. 8. 8 fixings. Produce. 1 Cucumber. How adorable are these cucumbers? I couldn’t say whether it’s simply me, yet anything that arrives in a smaller than usual size and is pretty much as tasty as Pure Flavor® Nano Cucumbers gives me unlimited measures of delight while I’m cooking in the kitchen.

About Fusion Flavors Cucumber Dill

Whenever I originally attempted these cucumbers, I was snared. They’re enjoyable to eat and they have a scrumptious crunch, however, what’s best is that they’re ideal for little hands. My children love them all alone or with a messy plunge. I’ve tracked down that they’re an incredible size for a portion of my beloved canapés and appetizers. One formula my family adores the most is Cucumber and Herb Dip, and I was unable to pick a more delicious cucumber to incorporate than these Uno Bites.

Product description

Flavor: Cucumber Dill

A 3 Pack of our fantastic Cucumber Dill Dip Seasoning! A perfect fusion of flavors to use on chips, raw cut-up vegetables, smoked salmon, or shrimp. Add to homemade bread to give them something exotic. Recipes inside the package. From our family to your table, enjoy a taste of the exotic!

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Flavor: Cucumber Dill

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