Inspirations: 101 Uplifting Stories For Daily Happiness


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Are you ready to jump out of the fishbowl? Are you tired of what you’ve been swimming in? Do you want to be inspired? If you are experiencing a transition in your life, this is the perfect book for you. The 101 articles in this book guide you through personal stories to overcome the challenges we all face. The authors are teachers, coaches, and those who have made it their mission to inspire the world with their wisdom. Feel free to join us in our free facebook group as well and be part of the Inspirations Movement! this book, you will: •Experience heartfelt personal stories of growth and transformation. •Shift your mindset around fear, anxiety, stress, illness, abuse, and loss. •Explore new possibilities and gain new understandings. •Be reminded that you are never alone. •See the author list with their contact information.Authors list: Rollie Allaire, Kim Andrews, Linda Ballasteros, Pam Baren Kaplan, Brooke Bensinger, Kristi Blakeway, Meredith Brookes, Jenny Cabaniss, Jeannie Church, Tami Close, Gilda Jill Cook, Joann Cooper, Liz Dawn, Cecilia Deal, Kandice Den, Katie Elliott, Juhl B Estar, Ana Evans, Benjamin Evans, Kathryn Ferguson, Lori Verbin Flaum, Karen Gabler, Sarah Gabler, JG Delos Reyes Garcia, Kim Giles, Rach Gill, Dina F. Gilmore, Michelyn Gjurasic, Scott Goodell, Nikki Griffin, Elizabeth Harbin, Suzanne Harmony, Julia Hawkins, Patricia Haynes, Dr. Debbie Helsel, Dr. Vicki L. High, Lisa Holm, Jillian Holper, CCHt, LC, Rosemary Hurwitz, Foxye Jackson, RN, CA-SANE, CRM, JamieLynn, Vanessa Johnston, Cindy J. Kaufman, Susan Marie Kelley, Amy King, Julie Lalande, Barbara Larrabee, Michelle LaRue, E. Chloé Lauer, Kenneth Laws II, Anne Mackie Morelli, Sarah McArthur, Ghene’t Lee-Yong McCormick, Stacey Moore McGown, Paula Meyer, Tina Miller, Meaghan Miller Lopez, Roseann Minafo, Aerin Morgan, Luann Morris Morton, Kiauna Skye Murphy-Ballard, Georgia Nagel, Barbara Nersesian, Nicole Newsom-James, Peggy O’Neal, Ashe Owen, Lisa Paquette Yee, Cheryl Peterson, Nicole Piotrasche, Anna Pitchouguina, Colleen Porter, Elicia Raprager, Samantha Renz, Marci Rosenberg, Laura Rudacille, GG Rush, Michelle Ryan, Bruno Salvatico, Chelsea Sandoval, Felicia Shaviri, Jonathan Siegel, Brooke Smith, Matthew Steadman, Janice Story, Cathy Stuart, Lisa Thompson, PhD, Chantalle Ullett, Monet Vincent, Allison Voth, Nanette Waller-Stafford, Patricia Walls, Jamalyn Warriner, Leanne Weasner, Jondi Whitis, Jan Wilson

Inspirations: 101 Uplifting Stories

Editorial Reviews


What a great collection of insights and wisdom from a diverse group of authors! There were so many great stories and so many worth mentioning. My favorite was by JG Garcia. Such an incredible use of analogies, similes, and metaphors to evoke imagery with her words. It’s was astounding to me. Every sentence was jam packed with wisdom, depth, and demanded me to pause, reflect, and internalize her message and how I could apply it to my life. Highly recommend this book!
-Dr. Nick Einbender, USAF

I read a few of the essays, but I honestly was attracted to the one by author JG Garcia. Her post was brutally honest and believable. She described the depths of her sorrow, and the triumphant lessons gained from her didactic journey. I am still going through the other authors, and I expect the same level of honesty, hope and inspiration.
-Neil Ifill

Reading this book was an out of body experience. In passages such as “The Unfolding” by well known blogger JG Garcia, I felt as though she took me on a brief, yet soulful journey. From navigating tragedy to finding resilience to choosing hope–I admire her ability to dare greatly. Sometimes, the realization that you are not alone, is the most important step on the path toward healing. Thank you for reaching out in the hopes that someone would reach back and be inspired to share their own.

-SyRina Smith  
Simple, easy to ready yet these stories made me to think about self awareness again. JG Garcia’s The Unfolding is one of those stories that help me embracing bad days and encourage me to move on for happier future.
-Dr. Nikki Chun

These stories are told from the heart, very personable, inspirational and positive. I especially like the story on “Unfolding” by JG. She has a way with words that speak right to me allowing me to feel as if I am in her story. I personally have been through similar situation and love the positivity and outlook from this author having gone through a heartbreak and divorce myself. I definitely feel uplifted and highly recommend this book.
-Sherry Shinmoto

Love it! Inspirations is a collection of short stories that inspires hope and the human spirit. Alot of the stories remind you that you are not alone when it comes to hardship, a painful past, tragedies and even illness. One of my favorites is “The Unfolding” by JG Garcia, whose story was so raw and powerful. It stirred up so many emotions in me, it made me feel like I was on a rollercoaster of life and how you come out on top feeling victorious! Very surreal.
-Virgil Santos

I highly recommend this book. The Unfolding By JG Garcia and Empowering Transformations By Dina F. Gilmore became my favorite.
-Martha Martinez

Uplifting. Relatable. Effortless. The bite-sized essays are convenient for a quick read on the commute, or a speedy injection of inspiration before or during life’s speed bumps. It mostly avoids being too preachy, and instead offers sermons of first-hand experiences across the spectrum from various authors with different perspectives and writing styles. This collection is testament that life isn’t perfect… and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
-CMDR Jason Nunez, USN 

Reading this is a reminder that life has so many different paths. Adapting to find happiness is what matters, even without the preconceived consequences. Every story has a message and is a worthy read. Shoutout to JDG for having the courage to make a hop, skip, and leap of faith

-Clay Perry
The book and its various short stories is relatable and very uplifting. The various stories of life experiences and growth is a great reminder that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that you can do ANYTHING once you put your mind to it. Most importantly, remind others that they’re not alone. What an AWESOME book! You go, JG Garcia!
-Romelyn Fiesta

Cannot go wrong with any reading that puts a smile on your face and can help push through anything life throws your way!
-Shelbie McClain

About the Author

JG Delos Reyes Garcia is a Philippine-born healthcare professional with Hawaii Pacific Health. She started her career at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Prior to the leaving the mainland, she resided in Washington DC and worked for BlueCross BlueShield. She holds a BA from Notre Dame of Maryland University, a BS from The Johns Hopkins University and an MS in Management from The Catholic University of America. Her blog, written with evidence-based data, led to her first book, “Inspirations: 101 Uplifting Stories For Daily Happiness.” Her solo book will be released in 2020. She currently lives in Oahu with her Bichon Frise, James Dean.

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