Maine Lobster Now: Jonah Crab Triple Scored Claws (4LBS)


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  • 8-12 Claws Per 2 Pounds
  • Thaw And Serve
  • Triple Scored For Easy Opening Maine Lobster Now: Jonah Crab Triple Scored Claws (4LBS) : Grocery & Gourmet Food. So buy now from xulnaz store.

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Bring the flavors and fun of the Maine coast to your home with an order of Jonah Crab Claws for your next family dinner or dinner party event. Our wild-caught Jonah crab claws are a perfect appetizer and are great for dipping in melted butter or cocktail sauce. These crab claws are pre-cooked right at the dock when they come ashore, and flash-frozen to seal in the freshest taste. When thawed, they’re ready to serve alongside your favorite side or drowned in melted butter. These Jonah crab claws come triple-scored for easy opening, but you may still want crab shell crackers on hand for an even easier dining experience.

Responsibly Harvested Jonah Crab Meat

At Maine Lobster Now, we know the long-term sustainability of seafood products is an issue deeply connected to Maine and other coastal communities all across the world. In order to offer you Jonah crab meat today and in the future, we work only with fisheries that follow all local, federal, and international rules and regulations to responsibly harvest Jonah crab to ensure continued access to these crustaceans for future generations.

Unmatched Quality and Freshness

Crabmeat offered at Maine Lobster Now is the freshest, tastiest it can be for our customers. Jonah crab is caught in the cold waters of the North Atlantic and immediately cooked when docked. Our Jonah crab claws and leg meat are then flash-frozen to seal in freshness before it’s shipped to us. You won’t find Jonah crab meat that is more fresh unless you drive a boat out into the ocean and catch it yourself

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Size:4 Pound

Now offering wild caught Jonah crab claws and arms this delicious crustacean is a must try. Slightly smaller than the deeper water Dungeness crab, the Jonah crab is known for its tender sweet meat. As a byproduct of the Lobster fishing industry this has been a New England favorite for centuries. Shipped to you frozen using the freshest product in the industry they are easy to store for weeks after delivery. The precooked and scored claws and knuckles make for easy preparation. Although these are a little more work than crab meat, its worth every bite. We strongly recommend shell crackers to get through the shells.

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Size: 4 Pound

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