Mya Papaya Meets the Wizard of Teeth


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Meet Mya, Cubbie, Pax, and Ro, get ready, get set, now let’s GO!!!

Mya Papaya has the rhyme and imagination of Dr. Suess, the empowered young and adventurous spirit of Dora the Explorer, and the charming and inseparable bond between friends like Calvin and Hobbes.

In “Mya Papaya Meets the Wizard of Teeth, the book opens with each character introducing themselves and asking a question for the readers to answer which makes for a very fun and interactive reading experience for both kids and parents alike.

In this first installment of the “Mya’s Mighty Milestones” series, Mya Papaya and her three best friends find out that Mya’s dad has made her an appt to see the dentist. Having never been to the dentist before, Mya doesn’t  know what to expect but she LOVES new adventures and opportunities to meet new friends so her apprehension soon turns to excitement.