Mya Papaya Meets the Wizard of Teeth


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Meet Mya, Cubbie, Pax, and Ro, get ready, get set, now let’s GO!!!

Mya Papaya has the rhyme and imagination of Dr. Suess, the empowered young and adventurous spirit of Dora the Explorer, and the charming and inseparable bond between friends like Calvin and Hobbes.

In “Mya Papaya Meets the Wizard of Teeth, the book opens with each character introducing themselves and asking a question for the readers to answer which makes for a very fun and interactive reading experience for both kids and parents alike.

Mya Papaya Teeth book

Mya Papaya Teeth book is about a young lady who likes to be daring, but since she is still a young lady, she doesn’t continuously have the foggiest idea of what’s in store. In Mya’s Mighty Milestones series, Mya and her companions get to encounter new things together. In Mya Papaya Meets the Wizard of Teeth, Mya is told she is going to the dental specialist. Never having been to the dental specialist, will Mya and her companions observe that going to the dental specialist is terrifying? Cubbie, Pax, and Ro think in this way, however, Mya trusts it’s an opportunity to make new companions and learn new things.

Jim Wojdyla and Tim Stirneman have resided in Illinois and called Chicagoland their home for basically, their whole resides. Jim is the lead vocalist for a neighborhood band selling out scenes any place they play for the beyond 15 years. Dr.Tim has possessed a fruitful dental practice for very nearly thirty years. Their common dedication to neighborhood local area effort is something that united them and ignited their craving to turn into kids’ book writers. Jim’s girls and Tim’s grandchildren give them a lot of motivation to bring interesting, yet insightful and significant stories to life.

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