Nursies When the Sun Shines: A little book on nightweaning


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Nursies When the Sun Shines is a godsend to parents of nursing toddlers, exhausted from late night wakings for milk. Beautiful watercolor illustrations and a sweet, lulling verse help young children understand the concept of night and day. Night time, the book explains, is for sleeping. “Nursies,” on the other hand, happen when the sun shines. In Nursies, a toussle-haired toddler is snuggled up in bed with mom and dad, ready to go to sleep for the night, the family’s grey striped cat snoozing soundly at their feet. When the toddler wakes at night for “nursies,” mom shows her baby that it’s dark outside, and assures baby that she’ll have nursies when the sun shines. Later, with brilliant sun streaming through the window, the toddler knows it’s time for nursies. The book closes with a heart-warming illustration of a nursing family: the toddler, nuzzled up to mama’s breast, daddy kissing toddler’s head, and even the family cat purring a love song. Nursies is a groundbreaking children’s book, the first-ever to focus on night weaning. Its goal is to facilitate communication between parent and young child, thereby making the process of night weaning as gentle and easy as possible.

Nursies When the Sun Shines is available in Spanish under the title Lechita Al Amanecer.

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Nursies When the Sun Shines, a book about evening weaning, was shipped off me by the writer (who additionally has an exceptionally adorable blog) to survey, from the get-go in the late spring. I began pondering evening weaning in those days, yet just somewhat recently or something like that, did I truly get the boldness to quit fooling around with it. Penelope and I have been co-dozing since she was a child. Our story is somewhat not the same as generally co-dozing, breastfeeding, parent-kid connections.

I didn’t get her to nurture till she was 5 months old, and afterward, it was a long time prior to nursing around evening time became more straightforward for us (it consumed most of the day for her to escape the propensity for being shaken to rest, to have the option to medical caretaker to rest, while setting down), and afterward one more several months prior to I could get to the phase of dozing without my shirt off and she “finds” me in the night herself. I, being the light sleeper that I am, still wake up, even she hooks on herself. She additionally prefers to lay on top of me as she is nursing, and change my other areola. Amazing times.

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