Pastease Glitter Peek A Boob Stars Silver Pasties



Peek A Boob: Silver Glitter Star Frame and Center Nipple Pasties by Pastease are hand made in the USA of durable no mess glitter faux leather, pleather material that forms to curves and resist wrinkling over hardening nipples. Just peel and stick on clean, dry skin. All Pastease feature latex free, medical grade, waterproof adhesive that stay securely in place for as long as you like and until they are gently removed. Conceal or reveal with Pastease nipple pasties when worn with a sexy outfit, daring bikini, sheer top, revealing dress, Hefty bag, body lotion, crazy costume, party theme or nothing at all! Dimensions 3 inches by 3 inches, center 2 inches by 2 inches. Coverage diameter 1.6 inches, center 1 inches. 2 star shaped pasties with removable stars.

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