Best Pet Perch Cat Scratcher Bed House


Important Information

500 x 450 x 120 mm

This spacious pet house is the perfect shelter for indoor or outdoor pets. The shelter with pillows keeps you warm and comfortable in cool temperatures. The zipper design is easy to remove and wash, so that the cat has a healthy and comfortable environment. However, your pet will have space and privacy.
-Designed with felt, with a unique and modern appearance, this comfortable shelter will not take up any room space!
-The size and shape of this cat hole is perfect for making your cat feel safe, protected and warm. The opening is small but the interior space is spacious. Your cat can easily enter and play in the cat hole while peeking at their human friends.
-Zipper design, easy to remove and wash, so that cats have a healthy and comfortable environment.
-Creative cat shape, available in four seasons.
-High-quality felt, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, not easy to stick to hair.

about 48cm in length, about 12cm in height, and about 46cm in width

Package list:
1*Cat pet cave
1*throw pillow

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