Sexy Brain: Sizzling Intimacy & Balanced Hormones Prevent Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Depression & Divorce


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  • Do the 10-day, Sex Hormone Receptor Detox to improve hormone signaling and get the benefit from intimacy that nature intended.
  • Discover the Hormone Language of Love so relationships become less frustrating and more successful.
  • Get the big brain benefits of intimacy when you learn how to have big “O’s” with “Awakened Sex.”
  • This is a book parents can respectfully gift to their adult kids when they get engaged.
  • This is a 360-degree intimacy manual to understand and achieve in-depth human connection.
  • Know which nutrients are critical for great intimacy.
  • Learn more about oxytocin than even your doctors know.

Sexy Brain Book


“Dr. Berkson’s Sexy Brain Book is a breakthrough book informing the public about a new threat from our toxic environment: environmental castration. Just as we are seeing diseases like type-2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and obesity in our younger adults, conditions that historically were seen only in seniors, we have to now add hormonal imbalance and sexual dysfunction to this list. This book takes our awareness of the effects of our toxic planet to a new level.” 
–Mark Hyman, MD, Author of the best-selling book, Eat Fat, Get Thin

About the Author

Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson is a thought-leader in functional medicine with an emphasis on hormones, nutrition, and the gut. Berkson has been in clinical practice for almost 4 decades. She was a scholar at an estrogen think tank at Tulane University where she worked with the top scientists in the field of hormones and health. For years she has taught relicensing seminars to professionals (MDs, pharmacists, DCs, NDs, and nutritionists). She formulated the first female nutraceutical line for physicians in the U.S. (Metagenics FEM LINE). She and Dr. J. V. Wright hold a patent on bioidentical hormones. She collaborated on one of the first herbal/pharmaceutical drugs. She collaborated and published original research with The University of Texas Medical School at Houston. Berkson is also a fellow of the prestigious medical research institute, the Health Studies Collegium.

Berkson consults with people and doctors internationally, combining science-based nutrition and hormonal strategies.

She is known for connecting-the-dots of science, informing the public about emerging health issues and then recommending safe, natural answers. She pioneered the concept of green pregnancies and the unappreciated role of hormones and intimacy with the gut.

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