Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems: New, Revised, and Expanded Edition





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The completely revised and updated edition of the all-time bestselling book on children’s sleep problems, with important new insights and solutions from Dr. Richard Ferber, the nation’s leading authority on children’s sleep problems.

Does your child have difficulty falling asleep? Wake in the middle of the night? Suffer sleep terrors, sleepwalking, or nighttime fears? Have difficulty waking for school or staying awake in class? Snore, wet the bed, or head bang?

In the first major revision of his bestselling, groundbreaking classic since it was published, Dr. Richard Ferber, the nation’s foremost authority on children’s sleep problems, delivers safe, sound ideas for helping your child fall and stay asleep at night and perform well during the day.

Incorporating new research, Dr. Ferber provides important basic information that all parents should know regarding the nature of sleep and the development of normal sleep and body rhythms throughout childhood. He discusses the causes of most sleep problems from birth to adolescence and recommends an array of proven solutions for each so that parents can choose the strategy that works best for them. Topics covered in detail include: Bedtime difficulties and nighttime wakings, effective strategies for naps, sleep schedule abnormalities, a balanced look at co-sleeping, new insights into the nature of sleep terrors and sleepwalking, problems in setting limits, and sleep apnea, narcolepsy, bed-wetting, and head banging.

Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems offers priceless advice and concrete help for a whole new generation of anxious, frustrated, and overtired parents

Child’s Sleep Problems

Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems offers priceless advice and concrete help for a whole new generation of anxious, frustrated, and overtired parents. Does your kid experience issues nod off? Wake in the evening? Endure rest dread, sleepwalking, or evening time fears? Experience issues waking for the everyday schedule conscious in class?

About Child’s Sleep Problems

Fusing new examination, Dr. Ferber gives significant essential data that all guardians should know in regards to the idea of rest and the advancement of ordinary rest and body rhythms all through youth.

Themes shrouded exhaustively include: Bedtime hardships and evening time wakings, viable systems for rests, rest plan irregularities, a reasonable gander at co-dozing, new experiences into the idea of rest fear and sleepwalking, issues in drawing certain lines, and rest apnea, narcolepsy, bed-wetting, and headbanging

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