The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide: Using the Science of Carrier and Essential Oils to Create Natural Personal Care Products


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Each drop of essential oil contains a natural pharmacy.
— Danielle Sade

Discover how to create natural skin-care products by unlocking the therapeutic power of plants

This comprehensive book provides a wealth of evidence-based information that provides a sensible and sound approach when it comes to creating your own natural product formulas. With clear and easy-to-follow directions, you’ll be able to create your own signature products that will complement a natural lifestyle as well as meeting your individual skincare needs.

The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide is broken down into easy-to-digest sections:

    • The Foundation


    • Includes information on everything from anatomy of the skin, the all important mind-body connection, the nature of skin types from dry and sensitive skin to combination and aging skin as well the art of skin care and creating your personal skin care apothecary — all without chemicals and preservatives — just the tried and true chemistry of essential oils.

The Ingredients for Great Skin Care
Information on all the raw ingredients you’ll need to get started (clays, flours and grains) as well as comprehensive information on the important role of carrier oils. Danielle discusses the essential properties of 16 carrier oils like Coconut Oil, Jojoba, and Marula Oil. Plant butters such as Shea butter as well as herbal infusions are also featured for their healing and therapeutic properties.

Essential Oils
35 essential oils are featured from Bergamot and Carrot Seed to Roman Chamomile. Discover all you need to know about essential oils including the biosynthesis of essential oils, the genus and varieties as well as a directory of the oils best suited to your personal care and needs.

Creating Your Own Personal Care Products
Over one hundred (100) formulations with easy-to-follow instructions on creating products for the face, body, bath, pregnancy and breastfeeding and personal care products for men.

Danielle Sade, BSc, CAHP has over thirty years of experience teaching and practicing complementary health practices where she creates educational certification programs in aromatherapy and also leads workshops in making natural product formulations for personal and professional use.

She’s passionate about sharing the sound scientific basis upon which aromatherapy is built and making this invaluable information available to everyone. The aromatic molecules of a plant not only have the power to shift the way you feel but the essential oils from plants also have powerful therapeutic properties. It’s the dynamics of these therapeutic actions that form the foundation in Danielle’s successful approach to skin care.

Danielle was also inspired to write this book because she herself has experienced skin sensitivities that didn’t improve even after visits to skin specialists and conventional therapies. When the symptoms didn’t subside, she took matters into her own hands and sought out a natural-medicine healing approach through essential oils.

Making your own natural botanical creams and lotions is surprisingly simple and very satisfying — you’ll soon be on the road to recovery and living a more natural lifestyle.

Product Description

The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide

Each drop of medicinal oil contains a characteristic drug store.
— Danielle Sade

Find how to make regular healthy skin items by opening the remedial force of plants

This extensive book gives an abundance of proof-based data that gives a reasonable and sound methodology with regard to making your own normal item equations. With clear and simple-to-follow bearings, you’ll have the option to make your own particular items that will supplement a characteristic way of life as well as meet your singular skincare needs.

The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide is separated into simple to-process segments:

The Foundation
Remembers data for everything from life systems of the skin, the immeasurably significant psyche body association, the idea of skin types from dry and touchy skin to mix and maturing skin to the craft of skin health management and making your own skin health management pharmacist – – all without synthetic substances and additives – – simply the reliable science of medicinal balms.
The Ingredients for Great Skin Care
Data on every one of the crude fixings you’ll have to get everything rolling (muds, flours, and grains) as well as exhaustive data on the significant job of transporter oils. Danielle examines the fundamental properties of 16 transporter oils like Coconut Oil, Jojoba, and Marula Oil. Plant margarine, for example, Shea spread as well as homegrown implantations are likewise included for their recuperating and helpful properties.

Medicinal oils
35 medicinal oils are highlighted from Bergamot and Carrot Seed to Roman Chamomile. Find all you really want to be familiar with rejuvenating ointments including the biosynthesis of natural balms, the variety, and assortments along with a registry of the oils the most ideal to your own consideration and necessities.

Making Your Own Personal Care Products
More than one hundred (100) plans with simple to-adhere to guidelines on making items for the face, body, shower, pregnancy, and breastfeeding and individual consideration items for men.

Danielle Sade, BSc, CAHP has more than thirty years of involvement instructing and rehearsing correlative wellbeing rehearses where she makes instructive confirmation programs in fragrance-based treatment and furthermore drives studios in making normal item plans for individual and expert use.

She’s energetic with regards to sharing the sound logical premise whereupon fragrance-based treatment is fabricated and making this priceless data accessible to everybody. The sweet-smelling atoms of a plant not just have the ability to move the manner in which you feel however the medicinal ointments from plants likewise have strong restorative properties. It’s the elements of these remedial activities that structure the establishment in Danielle’s effective way to deal with healthy skin.

Danielle was additionally propelled to compose this book since she, at the end of the day, has encountered skin awarenesses that didn’t work on even after visits to skin subject matter experts and regular treatments. Whenever the side effects didn’t die down, she assumed control over issues and searched out a characteristic medication mending approach through rejuvenating oils.

Making your own regular herbal creams and salves is shockingly basic and extremely fulfilling – – you’ll before long be making progress toward recuperation and carrying on with a more normal way of life

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