Toxic Beauty: How Cosmetics and Personal-Care Products Endanger Your Health… and What You Can Do About It


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Confronting the unknown hazards of the cosmetics industry, this in-depth investigation provides the lowdown on potential health risks, from the store to the salon. Detailing the carelessness with which women’s cosmetics and antiaging products are made and the toxins in men’s deodorant, cologne, and aftershave, this revealing study shows how consumers can put themselves and even their unborn children in danger daily by simply applying lipstick or moisturizer. Outlining a simple beauty regimen and a variety of positive alternatives, this resource educates consumers on how to identify potentially harmful ingredients and protect themselves from their possible long-term effects

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Cosmetics and Personal-Care Products

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Toxic Beauty is the most important book of the decade. As a medical doctor, Sam Epstein clearly understands the causes of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and other inflammatory diseases through exposure to petrochemical and synthetic toxins found in everyday consumer products. This book is a transparent truth of the consumer industry. It is a must-read for everyone. –Horst Rechelbacher, Founder of Aveda products


Most American women have no clue that the “rugged individual” model held up for emulation includes placing the responsibility for one’s health and safety squarely on the consumer’s shoulder! When it comes to cosmetics, each woman is on her own in judging the safety of products – with no meaningful information from the producer and no aid from government watch-dogs. The research, if done at all, can be withheld by the company. Dr. Samuel Epstein is the first to speak out on this “Toxic Beauty” product hazard, and to give women some guidelines for meaningful protective action. It is a “must-read” for all those who care about public health!

From the Inside Flap

“The cosmetics industry has borrowed a page from the playbook of the tobacco industry by putting profits ahead of public health.” –Sen. Edward Kennedy, Sept. 10, 1997, at Senate hearings on the FDA Reform BillYour exposure to cancer-causing, hormonal, and other toxic ingredients in these products begins in the womb, through your mother’s unknowing use of harmful products, and then steadily continues throughout your lifetime. But unlike cigarettes, which carry cancer warnings on their labels, cosmetics, and personal care products include no such cautions.

The good news? These exposures are 100 percent avoidable.

In Toxic Beauty, Dr. Samuel Epstein and co-author Randall Fitzgerald show you how to protect your health and those of your loved ones by identifying toxic ingredients in everyday products such as baby lotions, sunscreens, hair dyes, and perfumes.

Most consumers simply don’t know the dangers in the products they routinely apply to their faces and bodies. Toxic Beauty issues a long-overdue wake-up call.

From the Back Cover

What do your lipstick, deodorant, and hand soap have in common? They, along with many other cosmetics and personal-care products, all contain chemical ingredients known to be toxic–ingredients shown in human studies and laboratory tests to cause cancer and disrupt the hormonal balance of the body.We trust the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to protect us from toxic ingredients in our cosmetics and personal care products. But the reality is it has failed to do so. The responsibility for safety testing lies with the product industry, which recklessly disregards consumer health in favor of profit.

Protecting Yourself Is Up to You

In Toxic Beauty, Dr. Samuel Epstein, former professor of environmental health and chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, warns of the toxic ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products we use every day, and educates readers on safe alternatives.

In these pages, you’ll find:

* The five categories of common toxic ingredients * Access to toxic-ingredients tear sheets * Nontoxic alternatives to toxic products * The new trends, such as green chemistry and certified organic products, that are finally making your personal-care products safer

You can protect yourself and your family from the short- and long-term dangers of toxic products. Toxic Beauty shows you how.

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