Tuna – Solid Light Tuna in Sunflower Oil – Canned Tuna Fish in Sunflower Oil from El Manar – 1 Kg Canned Tuna


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  • PREMIUM: Delicious, light, high quality Tunisian tuna in non-GMO sunflower seed oil.
  • PERFECT FOR DAILY USE: Chunky texture of tuna in light sunflower seed oil is available in several convenient sizes to compliment any kind of recipe.
  • VERSATILE: Great way to enhance the flavor, texture and nutritional value of everyday meal. Make a quick tuna salad, spread, casseroles and more!
  • BENEFITS: Tuna is a great source of essential nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, amino acids, iron and Vitamin D. A healthy consumption of anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acids can help improve eye health, cardiovascular health, blood pressure and more.
  • SUSTAINABILITY & TRANSPARENCY: ManarThon, the manufacturer of El Manar canned seafood, is committed to preserving ecosystem by creating byproducts to reuse for protein-enriched fertilizers and animal feed. It also follows the most stringent international hygienic regulations for food processing and collaborates the ICCAT standards for the bluefin tuna fishing in the Mediterranean Sea.