Ultimate Sports Nutrition


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In an age when the winning edge is measured in milliseconds, athletes must apply every resource to gain that edge. Ultimate Sports Nutrition offers state-of-the-art methods of diet and supplementation for achieving super fitness and peak athletic performance. Nutrition and fitness expert Dr. Fred Hatfield not only gives the latest advancements in nutritional sciences but tells you how to implement them into a total nutritional program that can drastically improve both strength and endurance. More importantly, he explains–in layman’s terms, perhaps for the first time–how to enhance chemical interactions to achieve superior performance capabilities, carrying the reader light years beyond Durk Pearson’s formula for “life extension” into the realm of life enhancement. Interspersed with graphics, charts, and anecdotes from top athletes and coaches, this book details guidelines for gaining weight, losing weight, improving muscle-to-fat ratio, and eating and supplementing during the season, off-season, and preseason. While keeping in mind the specifics of each sport and its physical demands, Hatfield discusses it all–from amino acids to energy enhancers, from herbs to metabolic activators to effective Soviet formulas–giving today’s athlete the ultimate in peak performance. Dr. Frederick C. Hatfield, author of the bestselling Bodybuilding: A Scientific Approach, has written more than 15 books on training, conditioning, nutrition, and bodybuilding.