24 Stunning Ways You Should Do For Eyeliner for Round Eyes

eyeliner for round eyes

Eyeliner for Round Eyes has long been a permanent resident of beauties’ cosmetics worldwide. It helps to make the look more expressive, change the shape of the eyes, distract from the imperfections of appearance, and much more. The most famous world-famous makeup artists recommend not to neglect eyeliner.

Combination of incongruous Draw arrows on the upper eyelid with Eyeliner for Round Eyes and the lower eyelid with a pencil. This makeup is ideal for anyone who can’t decide on their style because it is a pin-up and glam rock hybrid.

Yellow Eyeliner for Round Eyes

To emphasize the beauty of the eyes and make them more expressive, draw a thin arrow on the lower eyelid with yellow Eyeliner for Round Eyes. To make your makeup more delicate and sophisticated, blend it a little.

Diverging Arrows

You can do this feminine makeup by drawing thin arrows on the lower and upper eyelids, don’t connect them in any way. The obvious advantage of this technique is that your eyes will become larger and more expressive.

Smoky Eyeshadow and Eyeliner

This slightly sleazy and damn sexy look combines smoky shadows on top with dark Eyeliner on Round Eyes underneath.

Wide and Bright Arrows

Try this great glam rock makeup if you are already fed up with cat arrows and want something new. Just apply some matte blue eyeshadow around your eyes, and you’re done.

Double arrows

Yes, shaded arrows are all the rage right now. Apply some sheer gloss to your lips for a look that’s perfect for a crazy party.

Feathered Lines

Do you like retro? Then these double cat arrows are exactly what you need. For an even more glamorous look, fill in the space between the arrows with a white pencil.

Shimmering Shadows in Bright Shades

This makeup is perfect for girls who like vibrant colors. Don’t limit yourself to a green or blue shade – this season, you can safely use burgundy, purple, or bronze eyeshadow.

Blue Ombre

The new trend of timeless gradient makeup is the Liquid Eyeliner for Round Eyes that goes from white to bright blue.

Emphasis on the Lower Eyelid

Usually, the arrow on the lower eyelid can ruin your whole image, but if you draw a neat line and do light natural makeup, it will turn out to be quite cute and extraordinary.

eyeliner for round eyes

Burgundy on Gold

Play with burgundy shadows; against their background, your eyes will appear much brighter and more expressive. Apply them over golden eyeshadow for extra shine.

Barely Noticeable Arrows

If the cat arrows don’t suit you, then make a subtle V in the corner of your eye.

Feathered Cat Arrows

Yes, this is by no means a casual look. It looks chic enough to try it at least once, for example, for a costume party.

Designer Arrows

Cat arrows do not lose their popularity, but if you can’t get perfectly straight lines, then blend them. This makeup looks good too!

Thickened Cat Arrows

Start drawing the arrow from the middle of the eyelids. This will make you look much more effective.

Blue Eyeliner

Acid Eyeliner for Round Eyes is becoming more and more popular. But don’t go overboard with your makeup, as your eyes should be the brightest element on your face.

Angel Eyes

If you have completely mastered the Cat Eyes makeup technique, try the Angel Eyes technique. Of course, this is not an everyday option, but it would be perfect for a Saturday night party.

A Little Blue Eyeliner

If the solid blue arrows are not for you, then add a couple of strokes of blue Eyeliner for Round Eyes on the upper and lower eyelids.

eyeliner for round eyes

White Cat Arrows

Finally, the white Eyeliner for Round Eyes was able to regain its position! Draw the feline arrows with white eyeliner, and then add a thick black line of the same shape on top.

Shiny Black Eyeliner

The shiny, almost oily eyeliner on the outer and lower eyelids is simply gorgeous.

Green Eyeliner with a Metallic Sheen

If you want to make your eyes brighter and more expressive, but you do not like bright colors, then make arrows on the upper and lower eyelids with a green Round Eye Shape Eyeliner with a metallic sheen.

Dark Gray Eyeliner

If you have never used Eyeliner for Round Eyes but want to try it, you should first take this particular shade.

Arrows from Rhinestones

Does the thought of glitter make you jubilant? Then this option will suit you – make a line of rhinestones along the lower eyelid and lightly powder the upper one.

1960s Twiggy Makeup

Retro is back in fashion. Follow Twiggy’s lead – move the cat’s eye-catching arrows, cover the eyelid with white eye shadow, and glue on the lashes.

Focus on Interior Corners

Apply Eyeliner for Round Eyes to the inner corners of your eyes, and your soul mirrors will certainly become more expressive.