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These 15 Best Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes Should Be in Every Makeup Bag

A neutral Cheap Eyeshadow Palette, like a neutral lipstick or the correct mascara, is a beauty bag essential. Nude hues, like your favourite jeans or LBD, are adaptable and allow for a multitude of outfits. You can even use them on other parts of your face if you’re in a hurry (i.e., brows and cheeks). […]

How to Use An Eyeshadow Palette to Create Any Look You Want

It’s easy to oooh and ahh over every release of a bold, sparkly, or shimmery eyeshadow palette, but figuring out how to actually use them? That’s a whole other story, especially when you’ve already got your standby favorite Cheap Eyeshadow Palette on hand. But cracking the color code doesn’t require a degree in Art History […]

Matte Eye Shadow Palettes for When You Only Want to Shimmer From Within

Takeaway: Matte’s Cheap Eyeshadow Palette is one of the most underappreciated makeup tools in your makeup bag. Don’t get us wrong: we still enjoy a nice shimmer or glitter shadow, but any makeup artist will tell you that for looks that rely on bold color and contrast, smooth, pigmented matte hues are a must. Plus, […]