The Best home theatre speaker systems 2022

Buying Guide for The best home theatre system Systems: Welcome to What Hi-Finalist ?’s of the top speaker systems available in 2022

There’s no way about it: investing in a comprehensive home theatre speaker system is a significant investment. It’s a purchase that might result in a lot of extra cords and boxes, as well as some furniture moving. Despite this, we are adamant that the payoff of a fully immersive home theatre experience is well worth the effort and doesn’t have to be expensive.

The number of channels is the first item to consider. The most typical configuration is a 5.1 system, which includes five speakers (two pairs of floor standing or stand mount speakers, and one center speaker) plus a subwoofer.

Other configurations are also available, ranging from 7.2, which includes surround-back speakers and an extra subwoofer behind your seat, to pretty much whatever your room can handle.

up-firing speakers are common in Dolby Atmos systems, and they can assist produce more immersive surround sound. Make sure your speakers are compatible, and that they’re paired with a capable AV receiver. Alternatively, in-ceiling speakers can be used to produce Atmos.

Although they can take up a lot of space, more speakers usually offer more realistic surround sound. You’ll also have to consider the price (and placement) of the speaker cable. Keeping your speaker selection to one brand will help maintain sound balance.

This is especially true for the center speaker, which should be from the same manufacturer as the rest of your home theatre speaker system and, ideally, from the same range. This will help to ensure the greatest possible sound.

Finally, the most important factor is the cost. You can spend a few hundred dollars or tens of thousands of dollars, so look through this list and choose something that fits your budget. There’s no purpose in pairing a low-cost AV receiver with a high-end speaker system. On a basic 5.1 speaker setup, we recommend investing about double the cost of your surround sound amp.

All of the best home movie theater speaker packages listed below have gone through our rigorous testing procedure and have come out on top. So whether you’re looking for a low-cost setup or a home cinema system that would make Bruce Wayne green with envy, we should be able to help.

BYL 2.1 Channel 140 Watt Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer Home Theater System (Renewed

Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Speaker Type Wireless, Subwoofer, Surround, Soundbar
Brand BYL
Mounting Type Sound Bar
Surround Sound Channel Configuration 2.1


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