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    • ❄ 【Portable Cool Portable Fan & Double Fan】 A cool, hands-free fan on the topic of the year. Soft silicone material with matching curved structure for comfortable neck protection, and adjustable size according to the circumference of the unused neck. It’s as portable as a headset and can be hung on the neck anytime. Although it is only the size of the headset, it has a complete set of refrigerated, compact design, and a less specialized structure than cans of cola, and it won’t get tired for a l
    • ❄ 【Instant cooling & cooler to wear】 Heat exchange, high technology leads a new trend. Cold aluminum absorbs heat, aluminum blocks dissipate heat, and physical cooling cools, so you can enjoy the coolness of a hot day. Employing semiconductor refrigeration technology, using the second law of thermodynamics, the current generated by the semiconductor cooling chip forms a temperature difference, exchanges thermal energy, and for 2 seconds to achieve instantaneous cooling Tell the skin the coldness
    • ❄ 【Powerful battery and flexible charging & quiet operation】 Long-lasting battery life, up to the wind. It has two built-in 1800 mAh lithium polymer batteries that charge for 1.8 hours and can last for 4 to 8 hours whether you are working or shopping. You can hardly hear anything especially calm winds, fans are very quiet when working. You won’t get in your way while you’re at work, reading, or sleeping.
    • ❄ 【Wide use of USB personal fan & running bicycle and bike】 Lightweight and small personal cooling fan is easy to carry and store, suspended design, truly hands-free neckband fan, outdoor sports, indoor exercise Ideal for office, gym. If you ride a bicycle in midsummer, sweat will fall like a waterfall. There is nothing to block the sunlight and you can not drive with fans or fans. Mufflers, gel sheets, cooling sprays, etc. that get cold when water is added will get progressively thinner over ti
    • ❄ 【Indoor outdoor combination & quality assurance】 indoors, of course, great success in the outdoors! Midsummer festivals and outdoor activities, BBQ, watching sports, walking, climbing, excursions, festivals, commuting and schooling items. Please be sure to contact us by all means if there is a defect in the product by any chance .
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