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    • NEW & IMPROVED to include latching side panel to allow you to add ICE to the water easily, providing an even cooler experience! The Cajun Kooling CK4500-S portable evaporative air cooler is designed to cool off outdoor living and work areas such as home patios, restaurant patios, tailgating events, outdoor weddings, warehouses, and much more. The specially designed cooling pads all around the cooler help naturally cool the air down up to 25 degrees, even in very humid climates like the South.
    • A shut-down valve on the PUMP when water gets low, ensuring that your internal parts don’t over-work. External SCREENS to protect the cooling pads from dust, pollen, bugs and pet fur.
    • An easy to open flap for filling the water, with an attached water RESERVOIR (32 gallon) lasting 8-10 hours. For continuous flow, includes hose attachment with FLOAT valve system inside. ENERGY EFFICIENCY, as low as 3.2 amps/400 watts, using a standard 110v. Non-injected and UV resistant plastic, giving you durability and WEATHERPROOF construction. 3 fan speeds, oscillation and 1-8 hour automatic OFF timer.
    • Air drive reaches 40 ft. away. Durable wheels with locks and light body, giving you easy mobility and storage.
    • This product can be used in all outdoor areas. It can also be used indoors in dry-climate areas. For humid climates, it can be used in some indoor areas with proper ventilation. Comes with remote, instruction manual, and hose attachment. NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED – only attach the wheels. Internal metal parts are coated to PREVENT DAMAGE from salt water, hard water, and limestone build up . Two-part horizontal louvers, giving the ability to blow up and down at the same time . Hooks for cord storage.
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