Everyday Paleo: Thai Cuisine: Authentic Recipes Made Gluten-free


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Sarah Fragoso is taking Paleo Around the World – next stop Thailand!

Sarah Fragoso’s travel adventures continue in the second installment of the Everyday Paleo Around the World series. This time, she took the Fragoso family to Thailand. In this epic book of travel adventures, food, and fun, you will find 100 recipes from numerous regions in Thailand, from the lush jungles of the north to the sultry beaches of the south and many places in between. Thai food is a beloved cuisine, and Sarah learned straight from the source the traditions that make Thai food so special—and delicious. In this book, she teaches you how to make these authentic dishes entirely free of grain, gluten, dairy, and legumes. Sarah had the opportunity to work side by side with restaurant chefs, home cooks, street vendors, and resort chefs, all with unique culinary perspectives, interesting stories, and amazing food. Everyday Paleo Around the World: Thai Cuisine brings it all home to you. You will find everything from homemade curry pastes to fresh spring rolls, amazing egg dishes, and tropical desserts. Get ready to lose yourself in the culture, food, and magic that is truly Thailand—you will be sure to impress your family and guests with this amazing food! As an added bonus, Sarah shares tips for anyone planning a trip to Thailand: Learn the best ways to navigate the country and stay Paleo and gluten-free during your travels. Grab your passport, pack your suitcase, and join the Fragoso family on a mouthwatering Paleo adventure in Thailand!

Everyday Paleo Thai Cuisine

Sarah Fragoso
Everyday Paleo Thai Cuisine Ten years ago a new lifestyle emerged for Sarah that created much-needed positive momentum. After struggling with numerous health issues preceding the birth of her 3rd child, Sarah regained her health and began to share her journey with others when she started her blog and brand, Everyday Paleo. Sarah was the first woman to blog about living an ancestral lifestyle and became an overnight Internet sensation, reaching millions around the globe with her inspiring message and delicious recipes. Sarah has since become an International Best Selling Author of five books and now blogs exclusively at SarahFragoso.com, communicates through a thriving social media platform, and conducts consistently sold-out nationwide seminars and worldwide retreats. She is a certified personal trainer, mindfulness coach, and is co-owner of a Chico, CA-based gym, JS Strength & Conditioning. For the last 8 years, Sarah has also been a top ten iTunes podcaster with her current new podcast hit, Better Everyday With Sarah & Dr Brooke, ranking in at number 2 in Alternative Health on the very first day of it’s release.

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