Hermit Crab Care: Habitat, Food, Health, Behavior, Shells, and lots more. The complete Hermit Crab Pet Book


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Hermit Crab Care – The complete book for anyone wishing to own and care for these amazing creatures. It’s a detailed step by step book covering everything you need to know written by an expert. Guaranteed to answer all your questions from selecting the perfect hermit crab, shells, food and diet, habitat, health, behaviour and lots more – plus importantly what a lot of other book miss out is what you should avoid so you give your hermit crab the best possible life. Here is how to ensure they are happy and healthy. Plus what to do if they become ill. Hermit crabs make fantastic pets. They are easy to look after if you know these secrets and their unique characteristics make them wonderful to watch and enjoy. Let our expert take you by the hand and help you in selecting the proper housing, bringing your crab home. Learn about the noises they make and what they do to entertain themselves! Plus you can even join our free forum and connect with other hermit crab owners (all the details inside this book)…. It is written in an easy to read and understandable style. Perfect for anyone looking to own a hermit crab. They really are amazing creatures.

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