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Inspired in part by his own childhood, this gorgeous picture book from Jim LaMarche, the beloved illustrator of A Story for Bear and The Elves and the Shoemaker, tells the story of one stubborn boy’s unexpectedly wonderful summer on the river.

This is an imagination-sparking story about appreciating the simple, natural joys of the world and the people in it, and about discovering and exploring one’s own talents. School Library Journal proclaimed, “This dazzling picture book is an artistic triumph.” The author’s note describes the similarities between his own life and the life of his protagonist.

Nicky is convinced that his summer with his grandmother in the Wisconsin woods is going to be the worst summer ever. She cooks food that he doesn’t like, there’s an art studio where her living room should be, and he’s expected to do chores—including fishing, the most boring chore ever.

But one afternoon, while Nicky is trying to catch their dinner, a raft drifts down the river towards him. The raft has a calming magic about it, affecting both Nicky and the wildlife of the river and woods. Through the raft and the adventures it brings him on, Nicky finds new common ground with his grandmother, a fellow river rat, who encourages him to explore his newfound talent for art.

The Raft LaMarche Jim

The Raft LaMarche Jim So the crazy looking 50-year-old had a thought: Genovés’ would welcome 11 (more youthful) individuals from everywhere the world to go along with him on a monster metal can and drift across the Atlantic Ocean so he could screen how they communicated and mine a few important information in regards to the beginnings of savagery. Is it scholarly or intrinsic? Is it workable for individuals to live in concordance, or are men designed for strength? What might happen when a lot of delightful outsiders quit being pleasant and begun getting genuine? It was 1972, the Vietnam War was all the while seething on, and Genovés imagined this weirdo thought as his own central goal to accomplish world harmony. However, to do that, the researcher would initially need to try not to kill everybody ready After the underlying frenzy, the three think about their next activity, acknowledging they are caught, since swimming past the dark substance is unimaginable, as it moves excessively quick. The gathering told no other person about their excursion, so they can’t would like to be protected. Their main choice is to keep a watch out assuming the thing leaves. Looking at the animal’s perfectly luminous surface doors and muddles the spectators, almost making them tumble off the pontoon. As Deke plans to take a frantic leap into the lake to swim to the shore, the animal slimes up through two sheets and gets him by his foot, getting his leg through the break in the sheets. Deke shouts, the blood is constrained back up through his leg and he passes on in no time afterwardd.

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