The Winning Mindset that Saved My Life


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– 100% net proceeds from book sales benefit cancer research, education & awareness – Tom Hulsey has gone from the shock of finding out he had cancer to the glory of beating it AND showing others how goal setting, commitment and tenacity helped him beat this dreaded disease. No matter where you are and no matter what life throws at you, this book will make a difference. This is a great story and inspirational book. Tom applies the skills and attitudes required to compete in an IRONMAN to life’s struggles. He tells a great story of going from an athlete absorbed with training and competition, and almost arrogant about his health, to a man devoted to helping and inspiring others. Why will this book make a difference in your life? Themes in the book are principles you can apply to your every day. These include: Choosing Your Mindset, Perseverance, Being Intentional, Overcoming Your Fears, Being Prepared, Knowing Your Options, and Living Beyond Yourself. Whatever your situation, this book will make a difference in your life AND benefits cancer research.