You Can Beat Prostate Cancer: And You Don’t Need Surgery to Do It


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The task of choosing the right prostate cancer treatment is daunting. It is further complicated by conflicting information the patient receives from physicians and the Internet. This book is written by a prostate cancer survivor who now runs an international prostate cancer support group. It’s about his journey and the important things he learned along the way. It is the book the author wishes had been available when he was diagnosed 6 years ago. It is intended to provide specific information for men who are at risk or have been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. All major treatment options are examined and the pros and cons of each are summarized. A relatively new, non-invasive, highly effective treatment is highlighted. It is an option that cures cancer as well as any other option, but generally leaves the patient with a higher quality of life and fewer, if any, side effects. This book has been endorsed by several physicians as well as other highly respected people from all walks of life.

You Can Beat Prostate Cancer


Picking the right prostate malignant growth treatment can be an overwhelming undertaking. This You Can Beat Prostate Cancer book makes it simple. The main version was a smash hit for quite a long time. It got in excess of 400 Amazon peruser audits, generally 5-star. The subsequent release, embraced by exceptionally regarded clinical experts from the most renowned malignant growth treatment focuses on the planet, expands on the first. It’s with regards to the creator’s excursion from finding through his thorough examination, treatment and personal satisfaction after treatment. The book clarifies in layman’s terms the upsides and downsides of each significant therapy choice and spotlights on an exceptionally viable, harmless therapy – proton treatment – that fixes disease and leaves the patient with a more excellent of life and less, if any, incidental effects. It likewise covers the most recent advancements in prostate imaging and symptomatic innovation. At last, it presents the 10 stages for assuming responsibility for the location and therapy of your prostate disease. Recently analyzed men and their friends and family should peruse this book.

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