Kaneyama Seaweed Wrappers for Triangular “Onigiri” Rice Ball (50 Sheets Refill)


Sold and supplied by amazon

  • The best quality brand “Samhae-Myoungga (삼해명가) seaweed wrappers for triangular onigiri rice ball” over 30 years history. This “upgraded Premium Quality” seaweed wrapper is especially manufactured for Co-Marketing by Kaneyama & Myoungga.
  • Please make sure to find “Sold by KaneyamaUSA” and “Kaneyama Logo on the product”, you could get full benefit of “Upgraded premium quality” and “Special promotion”.
  • Each sheet size is approximately 7.5″ x 4.0″ which is individually separated with the Stay-Fresh pack and net package weight is 50 g, especially designed for the highest quality restaurant & deli.
  • Re-sealable aluminum package for keeping dry longer. A great source of vitamins/minerals and various recipes & flavors by your own choices.